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The Unmanaged Listings include the Items that are listed on eBay without using M2E Pro. Under the Unmanaged Listings tab in your Account Configuration, you can specify how M2E Pro should work with Unmanaged Items.



It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing Unmanaged listings, depending on the size of your Channel inventory

Only Unmanaged Items which are not older than 4 years Only active eBay Items will be imported.

  • Product Linking - enable to automatically link the Unmanaged Items to the related Magento Products based on the linking settings.


eBay Item ID compares eBay Listing ID with the selected Magento Attribute value.


During the initial import, M2E Pro will link the Unmanaged Items to Magento Products automatically based on the conditions you set up. But if you specify linking settings after M2E Pro has already imported the Unmanaged items, you will be able to link them either manually or automatically under eBay > Listings > Unmanaged.

Related Store Views

To synchronize the product data between eBay and Magento correctly, associate the Unmanaged Items imported from the particular eBay site with the related Magento Store Views:



If you cannot find a required eBay site on this list, please navigate to eBay > Configuration > eBay Marketplaces toenable it.