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You can save the settings as a Policy to apply the same configurations to the different M2E Pro Listings or override the Listing settings for individual Items. For more details, please read this article.

Our congratulations, you have made a good job and specified general, shipping/payment- and price-, quantity-related settings of your Listing. To move forward, you should set how the Products in your listings could be automatically updated - Synchronization Policy Rules. Settings made here only take effect if M2E Pro Listings Synchronization is enabled. To enable it, go to the menu option eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings > Synchronization.

There are several different types of Synchronization Rules that you can set on this screen:

  • List Rules define which new products should be listed on eBay.
  • Revise Rules define when products currently listed on eBay should be revised.
  • Relist Rules define when products that have previously been listed on eBay but aren’t currently should be relisted on eBay.
  • Stop Rules define when to stop listings on eBay.


You can set preferences on how to automatically synchronize your eBay Items with Magento catalog data. For that, define the following synchronization rules:


If you use Backorders or


Do not Manage Stock options, additional settings are required.

Please read more here

Click here for more details.


Check out this video to learn how to configure Synchronization Settings for your new M2E Pro Listing.