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With this option enabled, M2E Pro will automatically acknowledge your Walmart orders and import them into Walmart > Sales > Sales section. The corresponding Magento order will be created per each Walmart order automatically. As a result, Magento Product stock will be reduced appropriately.


You can also access Order settings from your Orders grid (Walmart Integration > Sales > Orders).

Please select from which Store View product data should be taken when Magento order is created. It is important, for example, to correctly match Walmart variational options with Magento ones during Magento order creation.


Magento Order Number


  • Source - select whether Magento order number should be generated based on your Magento settings or Walmart order number.

  • Use prefix - enable to add a certain prefix to Magento order number.

Refund & Cancellation

Enable the Cancel or Refund if Credit Memo is Created option to automatically cancel or refund Walmart order after the Credit Memo is created for the associated Magento order.


  • Customer – select a Customer for which Magento order will be created:

    • Guest Account – the system does not require a Customer Account to be created. The default Guest Account will be defined as a Customer. To use this option, Allow Guest Checkout option must be enabled in your Magento: System > Configuration > Sales > Checkout.

    • Predefined Customer – the system will use the specified Magento Customer for all Walmart orders related to this account. Magento Customer IDs can be found under Customers > Manage Customers.

    • Create New – a new Customer will be created in Magento based on the Buyer information in Walmart order. Buyer email will be used as a unique Customer Identifier. If this email already exists in Magento, the related Magento Customer will be associated with Walmart order instead of a new Customer creation.

Associate to Website – select Magento Website where a new Customer should be created.

Customer Group – select Magento Customer Group where a new Customer should be created.

Send Emails When The Following Is Created – select certain conditions when the emails should be sent to Customer. You can hold Ctrl to select multiple options. To use this option, the related email type must be enabled in your Magento: System > Configuration > Sales Emails.

Order Tax Settings


  • Tax Source - select the Tax settings that should be applied to Magento order:

    • Walmart - the Tax settings configured in your Walmart Seller Center will be used.

    • Magento - the Tax settings configured in your Magento will be used.

    • Walmart & Magento - Walmart Tax settings will be applied if specified. Otherwise, Magento Tax settings will be used.

    • None - no Taxes will be applied.

Order Status Mapping

Set the correspondence between Walmart and Magento order statuses. The status of your Magento order will be updated based on these settings.


You can either use the default order statuses or customize them according to your needs.

If you choose the default option, the Magento order will have a predefined status whenever the order is unshipped/partially, or fully shipped on Walmart. For example, once the order is “Shipped” on Walmart, its status in Magento will change to “Complete”.


In case you do not want the order statuses on Walmart and Magento to be fully consistent for some reason, set custom order status mapping. Depending on the status of your Walmart order, you can match it manually to any of the available Magento order statuses from the drop-down menu.


Learn how to manage your Channel sales in this article.

Invoices & Shipments

You can also enable automatic invoices and shipments creation in your Magento under Walmart Integration > Configuration > Accounts > Invoices & Shipments.


  • Magento Invoice Creation - enable to automatically create Magento Invoices when order status is Unshipped/Partially Shipped.

  • Magento Shipment Creation - enable to automatically create shipment for the Magento order when the associated order on Channel is shipped.