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M2E Pro Version - 1.25.0

Jul 27, 2022

What’s new

In this version, in terms of common changes, we've worked on making policy editing easier and faster.

Also, you can now choose not to include EEA VAT charged by Amazon in your Channel orders.


Optimized policy editing in Settings View Mode

To minimize your time spent on policy editing in M2E Pro Listing, we combined the settings in a single option All settings. You can now change policies or add new ones in a single popup.

In addition, you can choose several products in a grid and then apply All settings mass action to change policies for several products at the same time.

Amazon Integration

Exclude EEA VAT collected by Amazon

You’ve most likely heard that Amazon collects VAT on some sales. Among other cases, this regulation relates to the sales made on the Amazon UK website and shipped to European Economic Areas (EEA).

Sellers are in no way connected to collecting VAT for such orders, so we took care you can exclude it from your M2E Pro order.

For this, go to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Order Tax Settings and select EEA countries where VAT shouldn't be included. 

Once done, M2E Pro will import orders from the countries you selected with no VAT specified. 

“Amazon Collects Tax” & “Skip Tax in UK Orders” options are renamed

As a follow-up to the new feature above, we revised other tax settings you may encounter under the Order Tax Settings section. 

After the upgrade, you won’t find the “Amazon Collects Tax” and “Skip Tax in UK Orders” options. Everything is in its right place, however under the new titles. 

For greater clarity, we renamed them to “Exclude tax collected by Amazon” and “Exclude UK VAT collected by Amazon” correspondingly. 

Feel free to use the hints next to the options, they are always at hand so that you better understand how the settings work.

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Technical changelog

  • Common: [Improved] Compatibility with PHP 8.1 [#3805]

  • Common: [Improved] Decrease number of records "Cancel is not allowed for Orders which were Completed or Closed" in System logs [#2580]

  • Common: [Improved] Workflow of Unmanaged Listings and Grouped Products [#1855]

  • Common: [Improved] Workflow of the"Product Not Found: Do Not Create Order" option in Account Order Settings [#3354]

  • Common [Improved] VAT and tax hints and UI texts [#3761]

  • eBay: [Fixed] eBay Values are missing for the "Package Size Source" option in the Shipping Policy [#3073]

  • eBay: [Fixed] Warning: Illegal string offset 'channel_final_fee' [#3597]

  • eBay: [Fixed] Unable to save specifics changes in Auto Add\Remove settings [#2618]

  • eBay: [Fixed] Step 2 of Listing creation opens when trying to preview the product description [#3811]

  • eBay: [Improved] Policy editing in the Settings View Mode [#3753]

  • Amazon: [Added] Possibility to exclude VAT in orders with EEA shipments [#3731]

  • Amazon: [Fixed] Back button isn't displayed after clicking Save and Continue Edit on the Search Settings screen

  • Amazon: [Improved] Decrease number of records 'amazon-skip-online-change' in m2epro_system_log table [#3011]

  • Amazon: [Improved] Correspondence between Min, Max, Regular Prices in the Repricing tool [#3556]

  • Walmart: [Fixed] Warning “Some MySQL tables or their columns may have incorrect definitions” [#3771]