Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Amazon Global Set-up

In this section, you can configure some of the important settings for Amazon items management.


Business (B2B)

Enable Amazon Business functionality to manage your B2B sales via M2E Pro.

Amazon Business is available for the UK, DE, FR, IT, SP marketplaces only.

With the Price, QTY Discounts option enabled, you will be able to specify Business Price and QTY Discounts for your Offers in M2E Pro Selling Policy.

If you have an approved Amazon Business Account and want to provide business-to-business sales, use all the advantages of M2E Pro integration with Amazon Business program. Learn the details on how to start your Business sales via M2E Pro here.

Product Identifiers

Specify Product Identifiers values for your Amazon items at a global level. Amazon uses the indicated Product IDs to associate your item with the existing one from the catalog or to create a new ASIN/ISBN.

  • ASIN/ISBN - select a Magento Attribute that contains the ASIN/ISBN value for the Products you are going to list. The selected attribute will be used at the time of the automatic search for Amazon Products.

  • UPC/EAN - select a Magento Attribute that contains the UPC/EAN value for the Products you are going to list.

To create an Amazon Product with new ASIN/ISBN, you should specify a valid UPC/EAN attribute.

If an item with the specified UPC/EAN already exists on Amazon, M2E Pro will link your item to the existing Amazon Product instead of creating a new one at the moment of the “List” action.


M2E Pro Listings Synchronization – updates and synchronizes Amazon Listings according to Synchronization Policies' rules.

Specify Yes/No to enable/disable Inventory Synchronization.