Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Adding products manually

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add Magento Products to M2E Pro Listing manually.

Step 1: Select products

When you create a new M2E Pro Listing, you must add at least one product to this Listing. You are able to select the products either from the entire Magento catalog or a certain Magento category. To proceed, choose your option:

At any time, you can add more products to the same Listing by clicking Add Products.

  • Adding products from Product List

You can filter out certain products using filter options at the top of the grid.


Using Advanced Filter you can engage more product parameters when selecting products:


To make the search for products more precise, use a filter that allows you to show or hide products presented in other M2E Pro Listings.  

  • Adding product from Categories

This option will be convenient if you want to add products from a particular Magento Category. By clicking on a Magento Category, you will see all product assigned to this category.

After you select the products, click Continue. In the next step, you will need to assign a Walmart category to the selected products.

Ensure that all selected products have at least one valid Product Identifier. Otherwise, Walmart will not permit to place your offer on their website.

The Product ID value will be taken from Magento Attribute that you have selected under the Walmart > Configuration > Settings > Main.

Step 2: Assign Walmart category

To submit a new offer to Walmart, it must be associated with a certain Walmart category. In this step, you should assign a relevant Category Policy to at least one product that you are adding to M2E Pro Listing.

You have three options to assign the Category Policy:

  • All Products same Category Policy - use this option to assign the same Category Policy to all products that will be placed into this M2E Pro Listing. Click Edit to select Category Policy.

  • Based on Magento Categories - if you add several products associated with a single Magento Category, all these products will be assigned the same Category Policy.


  • Set Manually for each Product - use this option to assign specific Category Policy to each product individually.

Once the Category Policy is assigned, your Magento Products will be added to M2E Pro Listing.

Once you add Magento Products to the Listing, M2E Pro starts managing them automatically.