Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Cancellation and refund

If you want to manage your Channel sales and orders in M2E Pro, simply enable the Create Order in Magento option (Walmart Integration> Configuration > Accounts > Orders). Then, Magento orders will be created for ones imported from Walmart.

From time to time, buyers can reconsider their purchase and ask for a refund. With the Cancellation & Refund if Credit Memo is created option enabled (Walmart Integration> Configuration > Accounts > Orders) you can process your cancelation requests faster. Simply create a Credit Memo for the order in Magento Sales > Orders. M2E Pro will submit the information from the Credit Memo to Walmart and sync the order status accordingly.


In M2E Pro you can cancel only Unshipped, Shipped, and Partially Shipped Walmart orders.  

Walmart orders that have not been acknowledged yet are displayed as Created in the M2E Pro order grid (Walmart Integration > Sales). Created orders cannot be canceled or refunded using the Credit Memo. However, you can cancel them directly on the Channel. Then their statuses will be automatically updated to Canceled in the M2E Pro order grid.


For Walmart orders in Unshipped, Shipped, and Partially Shipped statuses, you can choose to issue a full or partial refund. The payment will be returned only for the products you indicate in the Credit Memo.

The order status is not changed after you issue a full or partial refund for the order.

If a buyer requested cancellation for an Unshipped order, you will see a corresponding status next to the canceled item in the Items column of the Orders grid:

You can refund such orders by creating a Credit Memo in Magento. The order will be canceled both in M2E Pro and on Walmart, with the reason indicated as Buyer Canceled.

To restock the refunded items click Update Qty`s.

Please remember that a partial refund cannot be issued for orders with the specified Adjustment Fee. They are refunded in full by default.