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With the help of Auto Rules, you can easily speed up and automatize the process of adding and removing products from the M2E Pro Listing. Simply set conditions for products to be automatically added and removed at one of three possible levels: Global, Website, or Category.


Auto Rules include actions that define what happens to products related to Global, Website, or Category level. Though actions are alike, they work a bit differently depending on the level. Check out the details on setting actions for each level in the table below:




New product is added to

Magento Catalog

Includes any new item in Magento

Magento Website

Includes all new items in the selected Magento Website

Magento Category

Includes all new items in the selected Magento category

Add “Not visible individually products”Defines whether 'Not visible individually' products will be added to Listing or not.

Category policy

Select the Category policy you want to assign to new products in the Listing. This will allow M2E Pro to submit your newly added products to Walmart.

Product is deleted from

Magento Catalog

Includes any item removed from Magento

Magento Website

Includes all items removed from the selected Magento Website

Magento Category

Includes all items removed from the selected Magento category


If you plan to list Multi-Variational items on Channel, you need to add only Parent products to your M2E Pro Listing. Child products will appear after Parent is listed. If your Child products are 'Not Visible Individually' in Magento, set the Add 'Not visible individually products' action to No so they are not added to M2E Listing automatically.


Please ensure that identical Auto Rules are not set for several M2E Listings on the same Marketplace or Channel account. Otherwise, the products may be listed multiple times creating duplicates on the Channel.

Category level allows the most flexibility for managing automatic product adding and removal. You can add several Magento categories to the same Category level. For this, please follow the steps: