Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

M2E Pro Listing Set-up

M2E Pro Listing is a list of products you choose to sell on the Channel under particular settings.

Put simply, M2E Pro Listing acts as a template and lets you use similar settings for many products. It gives greater flexibility and saves your time.

You can customize your Listings by grouping items of the same category or product type.

Sellers can add products to the M2E Pro Listing manually or set conditions for products to be added and removed automatically.

Create an unlimited number of M2E Pro Listings according to the complexity of your catalog and the settings you’d like to apply.

As part of the creation process, you’ll need to assign M2E Pro Policies to the Listing. They define the way M2E Pro manages your inventory and syncs Channel data with Magento.

In other words, M2E Pro Policy is a template with settings that are necessary for selling products on the Channel. The Policy settings are automatically applied to all M2E Pro Listings that use this Policy, as well as the included products.

In case you want to adjust your Listing’s title or Policies preferences, M2E Pro allows editing the Listing settings. 

You can do it right from the M2E Pro Listings grid (Walmart Integration > Listings > Items). Simply open the Actions menu and choose the settings you’d like to update from the drop-down.

Once done, you can revise the products either automatically using Revise Conditions or manually.