Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Listing Products on Amazon

List Action is used for adding new items to your Amazon Inventory.

If an item with the same SKU is present in your Inventory:

  • List action will not be executed;

  • Magento Product will be linked with the existing Amazon Item.

Linking by SKU

The process of searching for SKU is as follows:

  • The SKU is searched among all M2E Pro Listings (Unmanaged ones as well) of the same Account and Marketplace and among products being currently listed.

If the same SKU is found, M2E Pro displays the error: “Product cannot be listed because in your inventory the provided SKU is assigned to the Product with different ASIN/ISBN. Please check the Settings and try again“.

If you want to sell the same Magento Product under different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s), you can modify the Product SKU. Click here for more details.

  • The SKU is searched among the items in your Amazon Inventory.

If the SKU is found, M2E Pro will try to link your Magento Product with the relevant Amazon Item. To do it, the following conditions should be met:

  1. The types of Magento Product and Amazon Item must coincide:

      2. ASIN/ISBN of the item in your Amazon Inventory must coincide with the ASIN/ISBN of Magento Product (if it is assigned).

      3. The number of Amazon Parent Product’s Attributes must coincide with the number of Attributes of your Magento Parent Product.

      4. Amazon Child Product and Magento Child Product must have the same Parent Product.

If at least one of the conditions is not met, the listing process will be interrupted.

Once the products are linked, M2E Pro will request Amazon Item data. You will see "receiving..." next to the Listing Product Price and Quantity until M2E Pro gets the values from Amazon. Channel Item will be automatically updated with the Magento data once your Revise Rules are met.

Defining ASIN/ISBN

If SKU is not found in your Amazon Inventory, M2E Pro defines ASIN/ISBN under which Magento Product should be sold.

There are 3 ways to do it:

  • The ASIN/ISBN is already assigned to the Magento Product with the help of the Search Tool.

  • The ASIN/ISBN and (or) UPC/EAN is specified in the Listing Settings > Search Settings > Identifiers Settings.

  • If the data is valid, M2E Pro will search for the Product on Amazon and create a corresponded item in your Amazon Inventory.

If ASIN/ISBN is neither assigned nor specified in the Search Settings, M2E Pro will check whether Magento Product is ready for the creation of a new Amazon Product. New Amazon Product is created only in case certain requirements are met.

To list a new Amazon Product, you are required to specify the UPC/EAN.

Before creating a new product, M2E Pro will check if such UPC/EAN exists in Amazon Catalog. If it is present, the new product will not be created. Magento Product will be linked to the existing Amazon Product with the same UPC/EAN.

Listing of Parent Product

The List action is being executed for Parent Product only in case you sell Magento Variational Product as a new Amazon Variational Product. In this case, a new item (Parent Product) is added to your Amazon Inventory.

If you sell Magento Variational Product under existing ASIN/ISBN, you should not list a Parent Product since it is not added to your Amazon Inventory. Only Child Products will be listed.