Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.


Welcome to M2E Pro docs where you can learn in more detail about our extension — how to set it up, how to use its functionality properly, and to the full extent.

Our docs cover each and every independent M2E Pro feature, as well as settings/features connected directly to Magento or any of the supported integrations.

Before you are off to exploring M2E Pro, examine our docs in order to make the entire extension work to your benefit and according to your needs.

How M2E Pro docs are organized


This section contains general information about the M2E Pro extension, including the guide on How to Get Started and how to configure Global Settings for all integrations.


The major part of our docs is dedicated to three supported integrations – eBay, Amazon, and Walmart:

Within each integration, you will find detailed articles on:

  • How to get started (set up your license, account, and marketplaces)

  • How to use native M2E Pro functionality

  • How to take advantage of Channel-specific features supported by M2E Pro

Install/Upgrade M2E Pro

Find out about the available methods and detailed instructions for installing the M2E Pro extension into your Magento and updating it.

Release Notes/Policy

As soon as the new M2E Pro version is released publically, we post an overview of all the included improvements and features in the Release Notes section. Check it out to know what exactly has changed in the latest versions and what you can expect in future releases.

To stay informed of the newest M2E Pro version releases, we recommend you to look into our Release Notes from time to time. Or you can install M2E Pro Updater that will notify you about the release of a new version.

Best Practice

The articles of this section are meant for current M2E Pro users. They will help you clarify certain crucial processes within the extension and ensure that you are using M2E Pro to the fullest.

In case you did not find the necessary information or a solution to your problem in M2E Pro docs, visit our Knowledge Base. Its brief but informative articles will give you a quick outline of the feature/issue and explain how to deal with it.

Get acquainted with M2E Pro step-by-step

For the most meaningful introduction to the product via our docs, follow the next steps:

Step 1. Examine the general information about M2E Pro (key features and benefits).

Step 2. If you’re interested in trying it out, see the installation instructions.

Step 3. Once the extension is successfully installed, set up the license and account.

Step 4. To start configuring the extension in a proper way, learn about the core M2E Pro functionality first:

  • Listings

  • Policies

  • Order management (see Sales and Orders section within each integration)

  • Logs (see Logs and Events section within each integration)

M2E Pro supports some of the features originally implemented by eBay/Amazon/Walmart. Within each integration, you will find articles dedicated to these features as well. Read in detail about them and see how you can further boost your multi-channel sales with their help.