M2E Pro lifecycle policy

A guideline describing the level of support and M2E Pro versions deprecation timelines.

Apr 7, 2022

Magento and Channels are being regularly updated and our first priority is to make sure M2E Pro meets all the latest technical requirements. Therefore, we consistently release new M2E Pro versions.

The latest M2E Pro version always contains all the vital updates to ensure the best compatibility with Magento and Channels. That’s why, working with old M2E Pro versions, a customer may face technical issues which often have a negative influence on their business.

As we strive to remove all the existing and possible vulnerabilities in M2E Pro, we are keen to focus on the most recent versions as they are proven to be the most efficient for our customers. Therefore, M2E Pro versions older than a year won’t be supported. 

What does the end of support mean?

The end of support for an M2E Pro version will be carried out in two stages.

Stage 1. Limited technical support.

The stage starts right after the version’s deprecation time. It means:

  • technical support can be provided only in case of emergencies;

  • the priority of a request will be much lower than for users with supported versions;

  • even if your subscription plan includes full-technical support, you will need to upgrade to the latest version first;

  • full-technical support will be returned only after the upgrade to a supported version.

You will receive a notification a month before the end date of your current version

Here is a list of M2E Pro versions with their depreciation date. After this date, these versions will not be supported.

M2E Pro M1

M2E Pro M2



< 6.13

< 1.13

2013 - March 2021

June 2022



July 2021

July 2022



November 2021

November 2022



November 2021

November 2022



December 2021

December 2022



December 2021

December 2022



January 2022

January 2023



February 2022

February 2023



March 2022

March 2023


Stage 2. End of version support.

At this point, our system will no longer support the outdated version. Meaning there will be no technical support for your M2E Pro instance.

The stage doesn’t have a particular period. It depends on API changes and their effect on the M2E Pro system. However, sooner or later this stage comes and we strongly recommend you not to wait until then. In case of technical problems, we won’t be able to assist you until you update to the latest version.

Magento 2 and M2E Pro versions compatibility

M2E Pro is a native Magento solution that directly depends on Magento software releases. When Magento ends support for some of their versions, M2E Pro will also stop supporting them. Therefore, the upcoming M2E Pro releases will be compatible only with supported Magento versions at the moment of the release.

Magento & M2E Pro Compatibility


M2E Pro

End of support


< v1.21

April 2022


v1.21 < the latest version 

September 2022

All M2E Pro versions released after the 8th of September 2022 will be compatible only with Magento v2.4 and higher.