Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Global Settings

In this article, you will learn how to configure your M2E Pro on a global level. You can manage your Channel Integrations, provide general price and quantity settings, define your interface and log history preferences, update an Extension Key, etc. Let's look at the available options.

Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > M2E Pro.

Module & Channels

Here you can manage the Module and Automatic Synchronization running, as well as enable Channels you want to sell on.

Total sales will be counted through eBay, Walmart, and Amazon accounts connected to the M2E Pro subscription. If you want to stop the service for a certain account, please delete it from your subscription on M2E Accounts.

Interface & Magento Inventory

Provide global settings for the Module Interface, Inventory, Price, Variational Product management, and direct Database Changes.


Set the visual interface preferences:

  • Products Thumbnails — to show/not show product thumbnails.

  • Help Information — to show/not show Help info.

Quantity & Price

Specify the general Quantity settings:

  • Manage Stock "No", Backorders — enable if you are going to allow backorders for a product or do not manage stock in Magento.

It's important to enable and properly configure Relist Rules when using the Backorders feature. Item will be successfully relisted only if you provide the following setup:

  • Product Status > Enabled

  • Stock Availability > In Stock

  • Quantity > Any

Find details on Manage Stock "No", Backorders feature in this article.

Product Stock Availability must be set to In-Stock status when backorders are enabled. Otherwise, the Magento order cannot be created.

Specify general Price settings:

  • Convert Magento Price Attribute — automatic conversion of Magento Price Attribute values.

It allows selling on the different regional marketplaces without a need to recalculate the Prices/Costs in local currency.

If you are going to list your Product on Marketplaces that have different Base Currency and Product Price/Shipping Cost values or Shipping Surcharge (for eBay only) are set to be taken from Magento Attribute with Price input type, enable the automatic currency conversion first.

Read more about the Convert Magento Price Attribute feature in this article.

Variational Product Settings

Choose how M2E Pro will list Magento Grouped Products on the Channel.

  • Product Set - a group of Products will be listed as a Set (Individual Item). Customers can purchase products only as a set. Read this article for details. Or watch this video to see how Product Sets work.

  • Variations - a group of Products will be listed as a Variational Item. Customers can purchase each option of Variational Product separately.

By default, M2E Pro lists Magento Grouped Product as a Single Item on the Channel.

Direct Database Changes

  • Track Direct Database Changes – tracking of Product Price/Quantity changes that are made to the database directly.

Tracking of the direct Database changes is time- and resource-consuming and may affect the performance of your Magento Site and Synchronization with Channels. Set 'Yes' only in case of extreme necessity when the use of other predefined M2E Pro Models is impossible for some reason.

Logs Clearing

M2E Pro automatically clears log history based on your preferences.

  • Enabled – to enable/disable the log clearing feature.

  • Keep For (days) – to indicate how long the log records should be stored.

  • Run Now - to launch the log clearing task immediately.

  • Clear All - to clear all related log records.

Extension key


M2E Pro Extension requires activation for its work. License Key activates and identifies your M2E Pro Extension.

The License Key is strictly connected to the particular Domain and IP. Their validation prevents problems, such as the creation of Item duplicates in the case of Magento relocation. For example, duplicated Items can be created after you change the server, and synchronization continues working on both the old and new servers.

Migration from Magento v1.x


To temporarily disable the Module, click Proceed under Disable/Enable Module section. It will stop M2E Pro Extension and all synchronization tasks on your Magento installation. Use the same button to switch the Module on.

If you need to migrate your M2E Pro data to Magento v2.x, you may use M2E Pro Magento Migration tool.

Once you click Proceed under Migration to Magento v2.x section, the Module will be switched into maintenance mode. It allows preparing M2E Pro database for the migration.

Migration to the Magento v2.x section is available if your M2E Pro version supports the data migration. Please check the Release Notes