Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

eBay Glossary


Buy It Now —  the feature allows a buyer to get an item straight away at a fixed price. Sellers can add a Buy It Now price to an auction-style listing. The Buy It Now price should be at least 30% higher than the auction price.

Best Match —  the most relevant listings shown in the eBay search results based on the criteria buyers find most important when deciding what to buy. Learn what influences the Best Match algorithm here.

Best Offer —  an offer made by a buyer to a seller instead of bidding or using Buy It Now price.


Description Settings —  settings where you define how product information will be provided on eBay, including product title, brand, images, condition, etc.

Detailed seller rating —  a feedback system that allows buyers to rate sellers and create a complete picture of the seller’s performance.


EAN — European Article Number: it is a unique code used in global trade to identify a product type, its manufacturer and other specifics.

eBay Account —  it is an account registered on eBay. The account can be created for the Production environment, i.e. live on eBay, or the Sandbox environment, i.e. a testing area for sellers on eBay.

eBay Listing —  an item\product listed on eBay.

eBay Multi-Variation Listing —  eBay listing that has multiple variations of an item.

eBay Order —  information about a purchase, including product quantity, price, and buyer’s data, based on eBay transactions. You can use it to control the purchasing process.

ePID  eBay Product ID: eBay's global reference ID for a catalog product.

eBay Store — the feature lets eBay sellers gather all their listings in a single branded location within eBay.


Feedback —  buyers and sellers can rate each other by leaving Feedback.

Fixed price —  the pricing format that enables sellers to list an item at a certain price.


General Settings —  the settings where you choose a title for an M2E Listing, your eBay Account and Magento Store View settings which you wish to use.

GTIN — Global Trade Item Number: a unique number used to identify products in global trade.


Item —  a physical product which will be sold on eBay.

Item status — indicates at which stage of publishing a product is.


Linking — the association of Magento Products with products that are already listed on eBay without using M2E Pro, i.e. the Unmanaged Items.

Logs — records of actions and events related to M2E Pro Listing, Unmanaged Listing, Order management, synchronization running, and error notifications.


Magento Order — information about a purchase, including product quantity, price, and buyer’s data, based on eBay Order. You can use it to control the purchasing process.

MPN — Manufacturer Part Number: it is an identifier assigned to a part\detail by a manufacturer.

Magento Simple Product  a product which you sell without variations such as sizes, colors, etc.

Magento Variational Product — a product which varies by one or more characteristics/attributes, i.e. size, color, etc.

Magento Variational Product with Selected Variation — Magento Variational Product that can be sold as an individual product on eBay.

Magento Parent Product — a virtual container with a set of Child Products, i. e. product variations. In the eBay inventory, you will see Parent Product with associated Childs Products.

Magento Child Product  a certain variation of a Parent Product, e.g. Black T-shirt. Child Products (Variations) are physical products which are presented on the eBay interface and can be purchased.

M2E Pro Listing — a custom list of Magento products, which you can group by any characteristic convenient for you.

Offer — conditions under which a seller makes a specific item available. Conditions include price, shipping, and return policies.

Payment and Shipping Settings — the setting where you choose shipping methods and charges, Payment methods and Returns conditions.

Power Seller —  an eBay seller who has maintained a 98% or above positive Feedback and provided a high level of service to buyers.

Private auction listing —  a listing in which the user IDs of bidders are not displayed. Sellers may want to use this option when they believe that potential bidders for an item may not want their user IDs disclosed.


Return Settings —  the settings where you define your return policy options for a product.

Resolution Center —  it is an area on eBay that helps buyers and sellers resolve problems related to their transactions.


SKU  Stock Keeping Unit: a unique code you create to identify Magento products in your inventory.

Selling Settings — the settings where you create the conditions under which you want to sell items such as product price, quantity, and tax settings.

Seller Center —  a dedicated information resource where you can find useful articles about different aspects of selling experience on eBay.

Synchronization Settings — the settings where you create conditions and rules for automatic inventory synchronization between Magento and eBay.


Unmanaged Listing — a list of Items that were added to eBay without using M2E Pro Extension.

UPC — Universal Product Code: it is a unique identifier that is uniquely assigned to each trade item.

User ID —  the unique name used to identify eBay users. As you sell on eBay, your user ID may become an important part of your reputation on eBay.


Variational Attribute — a characteristic by which a Variational Product varies on eBay, e.g. size, color, manufacturer, etc.

Variation option — a certain value of Variational Attribute, e.g. Red T-Shirt, Green T-Shirt, etc.