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SKU settings

You can select an appropriate source of SKU value for your Walmart Items.

If Item SKU already exists in your Walmart inventory, you can enable the SKU modification option.

Please select a way of SKU modification:

  • Prefix - specified value will be added at the beginning of the initial SKU value.

  • Postfix -specified value will be added at the end of the initial SKU value.

  • Template - a new SKU value will be generated based on the entered pattern. For example, if the initial product SKU is 123 and your modification template is %value%-567, Walmart Item SKU will be 123-567.

M2E Pro can generate a random SKU value for your Channel Item if you enable Generate option.

Product Identifiers

Specify the Product Identifier (UPC, EAN, GTIN, ISBN) you want to assign to the products or use the Product ID Override option.

Product ID override

In case your products do not have Product Identifiers (e.g. hand-made products), you can use Product ID exemption.

  • None – all products will be listed with the standard Product IDs.

  • All products – Product ID exemption will be applied to all products.

  • Specific products – Product ID exemption will be applied to products that have a value “CUSTOM” in the Product ID attribute.

Before you set Product ID exemption in M2E Pro, you must apply for it on Walmart first.


Select how to upload images to Walmart:

  • Original   images will be uploaded based on the Magento settings.  

  • Replace with HTTP – images will be uploaded using HTTP protocol.

  • Replace with HTTPS – images will be uploaded using HTTPS protocol.


Specify the value Yes/No to enable/disable M2E Pro Listings Synchronization.

Please click Save Config after any changes are made.

The rest of the settings are global for all Integrations. Learn how to properly configure them in this article.