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M2E Pro Version - 6.31.0

Oct 19, 2022

What’s new

After upgrading to 6.31.0, you’ll be able to assign ePIDs to your vehicle details on eBay Italy.

For Amazon integration, we are introducing the ability to mark orders as Shipped without any tracking information provided.

Also, you can now enable VAT Calculation Service for Amazon Netherlands and Belgium in M2E Pro.

eBay Integration

Apply ePIDs on eBay Italy

If you list vehicle parts and accessories via eBay Parts Compatibility, you can assign ePIDs to your products on eBay Italy.

Previously, only kTypes could be associated with products to define the compatibility of your parts on this eBay site. Starting from this version, ePIDs are also available.

Watch our video tutorial on how to set up eBay Parts Compatibility in M2E Pro.

Amazon Integration

Mark orders without tracking info as Shipped

As a rule, shipments cannot be confirmed unless a seller supplies a valid tracking number. But in some cases, Amazon orders may be updated as Shipped regardless of whether tracking details are provided.

To ensure that your M2E Pro setup complies with your order synchronization flow, you can now regulate whether Amazon orders without the tracking info should be marked as Shipped.

For that, navigate to Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Shipping information and choose a corresponding option from the drop-down list:

Learn more about managing shipping details in M2E Pro from this article.

Use VAT Calculation Service on Amazon Netherlands and Belgium

Amazon VAT Calculation Service has been previously available for the majority of European marketplaces. In this version, we’ve expanded their range.

Now you can use the benefits of VAT Calculation Service on Amazon Netherlands and Belgium marketplaces.

Make sure to opt-in to the Service in your Seller Central account first. Then enable it in your M2E Pro by choosing the Use VAT Calculation Service option under Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Invoices & Shipments > Invoice Uploading to Amazon:

Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Magento order is marked as “Processing” despite being closed and canceled on Channel [#3888]

  • eBay: [Added] ePIDs for eBay Italy marketplace [#3884]

  • eBay: [Fixed] External QTY changes aren’t received from eBay during order import [#4074]

  • eBay: [Fixed] Number of records 'Your feedback comment for this user was not left' decreased in System Logs [#51]

  • eBay: [Removed] ePIDs Parts Compatibility for eBay Australia [#3955]

  • Amazon: [Added] Ability to update orders as Shipped without tracking info provided [#4044]

  • Amazon: [Added] VAT Calculation Service for Netherlands and Belgium marketplaces [#4073]

  • Amazon: [Fixed] Error “Empty offers list” keeps appearing in Synchronization Logs for M2E Repricing Service [#4091]