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Listing View Mode

M2E Pro Listings feature three eBay Listing View Modes. They are eBay View Mode, Settings View Mode, and Magento View Mode. These modes allow you to track your Listing Product status, adjust the related settings, move the products to a different Listing, etc.

To find eBay Listing View Modes, go to eBay Integration > Listings > Items and select a Listing. At the top of the product list, you will see all the View Modes. To switch between them, use the drop-down menu.

  • eBay View Mode - displays Product information that is currently shown on eBay. It lets you manage listed and unlisted items on eBay, as well as manage variations of certain product types.

  • Settings View Mode - displays the settings provided for each product in the M2E Pro Listing and allows you to review/adjust them. Use this mode to edit Categories and Item Specifics, move selected Listing Products to a different M2E Pro Listing. Also, you can use eBay Parts Compatibility feature if necessary.

  • Magento View Mode - displays Product information related to Magento Catalog. In this Mode, you can find Products using Magento Products information.

Here is a brief overview and comparison of all three eBay Listing View Modes:

eBay View Mode

Settings View Mode

Magento View Mode

eBay View Mode

Settings View Mode

Magento View Mode

Available Information (Columns)

  • Product ID

  • Product Title/Product SKU/eBay Category

  • Item ID

  • Available QTY

  • Sold QTY

  • Price

  • End Date

  • Status

  • Product ID

  • Product Title/Product SKU

  • Compatibility

  • eBay Categories

  • ID

  • Title

  • Type

  • Stock Availability

  • SKU

  • Price

  • QTY

  • Visibility

  • Status

  • Websites

Available Actions

 Listing Actions:

  • List Item(s) on eBay

  • Revise Item(s) on eBay

  • Relist Item(s) on eBay

  • Stop Item(s) on eBay

  • Stop on eBay / Remove from Listing


  • Preview Items

Edit Listing Policies Overrides:

  • Payment

  • Shipping

  • Return

  • Selling

  • Description

  • Synchronization

Edit Category Settings:

  • Categories & Specifics


  • Add Compatible Vehicles

  • Move Item(s) to Another Listing

  • Sell on Another Marketplace


Extra Options

Manage Variations



Learn about all three Listing View Modes in more detail: