Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Get Started with eBay

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start selling your Magento Products on eBay via M2E Pro. You will go through the preliminary set-up requirements and configuration of eBay integration.

Preliminary requirements

Before you start, ensure that:

  • Your Seller account registration is fully completed and approved by eBay.

If these requirements are met, you may start configuring eBay integration.

Initial set-up wizard

The following step-by-step wizard will help you to complete the basic settings of eBay integration. Click Register and Link to eBay to start.

Step 1. License set-up

Provide your contact details. These are the details that will be associated with your M2E Pro Extension Key. 

Click Sign into eBay.

If you are new to eBay, you can register SandBox account on eBay and test the selling process using M2E Pro. To do it, sign in to your eBay SandBox account.

Otherwise, log into your live eBay account to manage your Channel sales via M2E Pro.

Sign in using your eBay account credentials.

Click Agree to grant M2E Pro access to your eBay account data. M2E Pro eBay Account will be created automatically. Read more information here.

Check out this video to learn how to link an eBay account with M2E Pro.

Step 3. Account set-up

Provide settings for the Unmanaged Item and Customer Feedback importing.

At any time, you can edit these settings in your Account configuration under eBay > Configuration > Accounts.

Now you can move forward - prepare your products to be listed on eBay.

Final configurations

At the final stage, you need to create M2E Pro Listing and add Magento Products to it.

Using M2E Pro Listing, you may organize your products into different groups by certain parameters, e.g. product type, brand, promotion event, etc. The product group approach allows you to share the same Selling, Payment, Shipping, Synchronization, etc. Settings across all products inside the Listing.

To complete the configuration of eBay integration, you need to:

From this point on, M2E Pro starts managing your products automatically.