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M2E Pro Version - 1.29.0

Sep 27, 2022

What’s new

M2E Pro 1.29.0 provides a better experience with processing your Walmart orders. You can now view both Purchase Order # and Customer Order # directly in the Orders grid.

Walmart Integration

Improved Orders grid

Handling your Walmart orders is getting simpler. From now on, you locate the necessary order by Walmart Purchase Order # and Customer Order # in the M2E Pro Orders grid.

Search by these parameters right from M2E Pro interface instead of taking extra steps on the Walmart portal to resolve your customers' queries faster.

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Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Issues during M2E Pro upgrade from v1.8.1 to v1.9.0 [#4014]

  • Common [Improved] Some UI links updates [#3981]

  • eBay: [Fixed] Page is stuck on loading when filtering ePIDs in the Add Compatible Vehicles tab [#3765]

  • Amazon [Fixed] Incorrect QTY is displayed for AFN items [#4013]

  • Walmart: [Improved] Display Purchase Order # and Customer Order # in the Orders grid [#3893]