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M2E Pro Version - 1.41.0

Jun 2, 2023

What’s new

In this version, we released some quality fixes to keep your M2E Pro efficient. Find the technical changelog below.

To upgrade to version 1.41.0, you can use one of the following methods:

Technical changelog

  • Common [Improved] Ability to remove Channel accounts before deleting products and listings [#4664]

  • eBay [Improved] Speed of product update processing [#4531]

  • Amazon [Fixed] Product Type attributes' values of variations are taken from Parent Product [#4811]

  • Amazon [Improved] Ability to manually revise products with the “Incomplete“ status [#4831]

  • Amazon [Improved] Ability to round M2E Pro Shipping Tax Rate in orders if the Tax Rate rounding option is enabled [#4645]

  • Amazon [Improved] Simplified process of searching for Product Type [#4774]

  • Amazon [Removed] Mention of Search Settings in UI texts and log messages [#4526]

  • Walmart [Improved] Ability to manually revise products with the “Incomplete“ status [#4859]