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M2E Pro Version - 1.36.0

Mar 15, 2023

What’s new

M2E Pro 1.36.0, as for common changes, presents an opportunity to override Shipping Information validation helping you manage your orders more efficiently.

For eBay integration, we’ve added a 'Items by Issue' tab in the Listing grid that allows easily identify and resolve any errors encountered by eBay products.

Common changes

Override Shipping Information validation

We're always striving to improve your experience with M2E Pro. That's why we're excited to introduce an improvement that will streamline your order management workflow.

Previously, if a buyer made a mistake when entering their shipping information, a Magento order couldn’t be created. But now, we've got you covered!

After the upgrade, M2E Pro will track and validate shipping info to ensure that it's accurate and complete. If a buyer enters an incorrect Region or State, M2E Pro will automatically replace it with an alternative one for the specified country. This saves you time and eliminates the risk of missing Magento orders.

Surely, you can easily disable it in your Order Settings if it doesn't fit your needs.

Find the option under eBay/Amazon/Walmart > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Shipping Information

eBay Integration

Effortlessly manage eBay Items with errors

In M2E Pro v1.35.0, we improved the interface for eBay Listings consolidating all eBay items into one convenient space. M2E Pro 1.36.0 provides an even better experience. The new version includes a new tab in the eBay Listing grid, giving you complete visibility over any errors that may occur during product management.

With the ‘Items by Issue’ tab, users can quickly identify which eBay products have encountered issues in M2E Pro. The clear grid format enables a full understanding of the issue and how many products are affected.

This improvement ensures you have complete control over all of your eBay products and can easily see which ones require your attention.

By clicking on the ‘Total Items’, you can access a full list of items with errors, ensuring that all problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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Technical changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] 'PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size … exhausted' when importing Product attributes via a CSV file [#4532]

  • Common: [Fixed] Listing Logs and Order Logs pages are not loading [#4431]

  • Common: [Improved] Update README file [#4387]

  • Common: [Improved] Ability to override an invalid Shipping Region/State [#4555]

  • Common: [Improved] Validation when the Buyer’s First and Last Name are empty [#4550]

  • eBay: [Added] 'Items by issue' tab to the eBay Listing grid [#4481]

  • Amazon: [Improved] Product Logs for Amazon Repricer [#4401, #4366]