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Release Notes/Policy

When releasing new M2E Pro versions, we follow the logic of semantic versioning on the individual module level. These are the most common types of M2E Pro releases:

  • MAJOR release, for example, 1

  • MINOR release - 1.7

  • PATCH release - 1.7.1

MAJOR release

Such releases are fundamental and quite rare for M2E Pro. A major release becomes available once in several years.

MINOR release

M2E Pro releases a minor version of the extension every month or two to keep your M2E Pro as efficient as possible. Minor releases typically include the following significant changes:

  • Introduction of new features

  • Improvements of the already existing functionality

  • Removal of certain features/options 

  • Important fixes

The releases of new features and improvements are carried out according to the official up-to-date information that we receive from the supported Channels (eBay, Amazon, Walmart). Also, we update our extension in line with the new Magento version releases.

If a certain feature is removed, this means it is no longer supported by the Channel, or we have replaced it with a more efficient option. Another reason for the removal of features is that they are not in demand among the majority of our clients.

We add/remove the features or options in order to optimize the workflow or particular process within the extension.

PATCH release

With a patch release, we aim to deliver prompt quality enhancements and provide you with a smooth working process in the Module. 

In most cases, patch releases include:

  • Hot fixes (critical quality fixes)

  • Minor functional fixes

To stay informed of the latest M2E Pro version releases, check out our release notes.

With the latest M2E Pro version, you will get all the relevant fixes, improvements, as well as most up-to-date features. That is why we highly recommend you to upgrade once the new version is released.

Find out how to upgrade your M2E Pro.

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