Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

Creating Promotions

In this article, you will learn the rules of creating Promotions on the Walmart marketplace and walk through how to do it via M2E Pro.

Step 1: Enable Promotion mode

Promotions can be set up in M2E Pro Selling Policy. Under the Price section, please enable the Promotions option, then click Add Promotions to open the promo details.

Step 2: Define a promo start/end date

Enter a certain date or select to take a value from Magento Attribute. When specifying the promo dates ensure that:

  • The end date of the promotion is within 365 days from the current date and time. Promotions beyond 365 days will be returned with an error.

  • The start and end date/time of the promotion is set in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.

  • The promo dates of a given promotion or promo dates of multiple promotions for the same product do not overlap.


Start Date and End Date can only be changed for promotions that have not started yet.

Step 3: Specify a promo price

Select a relevant Magento Attribute to provide a promo price, i.e. discounted price and comparison price. The comparison price will be displayed as a strike-through price on the Walmart Item page.

If you need to adjust the selected Magento Attribute value, you may use the Price Change box.

Promo price can be changed at any time for any promotion, including the active one.

If the active promotion ends, the Product Price will be shown until the next promotion starts.

Step 4: Select a promo type

The Promo type is shown as a specific flag on the Walmart Item page:

  • Reduced.
    Walmart recommends using this promo type if savings are greater than $5 for items that cost more than $100, or 5% for items less than $100. The promo will be shown if your offer wins the Buy Box on the Walmart Item page.

  • Clearance.
    This promo type is commonly used when a product price is significantly reduced to clear out the product inventory. The promo will be shown if your offer wins the Buy Box on the Walmart Item page.

You may create up to 10 promotions for a product at a time. Any promotion, including the live one, can be deleted if it is no longer needed.


Once you enable the promotion, you will see a special icon in the M2E Pro Listing grid reminding you that this product is available at a discounted price on Walmart.