Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.

List Action

Choose whether M2E Pro will list Items that haven't been Listed yet on eBay (Not Listed status) if they meet the conditions you set.


Choose Enabled if you want M2E Pro to list new Products added to the Listing from your Magento Inventory on eBay automatically based on the conditions set in the List Conditions.

Choose Disabled if you don’t want list rules to take effect.

List rules will only take effect on new products (with the Not Listed status). Products that were listed on eBay previously but have been stopped will not be re-listed based on List Rules.

List Conditions

These are the Conditions that should be met to make the Item be listed on eBay.

Product Status

Any - means that the Product can be listed on eBay regardless of its status in Magento.

Enabled - means that the Product can be listed on eBay only if its status in Magento is Enabled. It is a recommended value.

Stock Availability

Any - means that the Product can be listed on eBay regardless of its Stock value in Magento.

In Stock - means that the Product can be listed on eBay only if its Stock status in Magento is In Stock. It is a recommended value.


New products will be listed automatically on eBay if their quantity in Selling settings (Calculated Quantity) meets the conditions set.

Any - allows you to list the Product on eBay regardless of its Calculated Quantity value.

More or Equal - allows you to specify the minimum quantity value that should be available as Calculated Quantity for the Magento Product before it is listed on eBay. It is a recommended value.


 Calculated Quantity corresponds to a value defined by the following options in Selling Policy:

  • Custom Value;
  • Attribute in Magento Attribute group;
  • Quantity Percentage;
  • Conditional Quantity.

Advanced Conditions

If you would like to add your own custom List Rules, you can enable the Advanced Conditions.

The first rule appears by default: If ALL these Conditions are TRUE. It specifies whether the rules that you define must all be met or if any of them can be met (AND or OR) in order to trigger the rule's action.

  • Click on the  icon to display a selection field and select the necessary option under Product Attributes from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on the is link to display the comparison operator drop-down list and choose one of them. 

  • Click on the three dots to display the value field and input the value. 

That's all, the Rule is configured.

So, your Item will be listed to eBay only in case all the conditions provided (both List Conditions and Advanced Conditions) will be met.