Important: This is a legacy version of the documentation. Please visit the current documentation page.


You can save the settings as a Policy to apply the same configurations to the different M2E Pro Listings or override the Listing settings for individual Items. For more details, please read this article.

How You Want To Sell Your Item

Listing Type - determines the sale type of the Listing. You can select from such options:

  • Fixed Price - Items in this Listing will be available on eBay with a fixed price value. So the Buyer can purchase them immediately without any bidding.

  • Auction - Buyers place bids to win the Item.

  • Magento Attribute - the Listing type for each item in the Listing will be taken from the selected Magento Attribute value.

Private Listing - determines whether the Buyers are allowed to remain anonymous to other eBay users.

For Business Users Only -  if this option is enabled, this indicates that you elect to offer the Item exclusively to Business users. If Disabled, this indicates that you elect to offer the Item to all users. Applicable only to Business sellers residing in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland who are listing in a B2B VAT-enabled category on the eBay Germany (DE), Austria (AT), or Switzerland (CH) marketplaces. If this argument is Enabled, you must have a valid VAT-ID registered with eBay, and BusinessSeller must also be true.

Quantity and Duration

Listing Duration – determines how long Items will be available for Buyers on eBay. You can set it from 1 to 30 days value or GTC (Good 'Til Cancelled). For Fixed-Price Listing Type, Good 'Til Cancelled is a permanent value, according to eBay terms. GTC Listings renew automatically once per calendar month unless all of the Items sell, you end the Listing, or the Listing breaches an eBay Policy.

Quantity – the number of items you want to sell on eBay. You can set it from the next options:

  • Product Quantity – the number of items on eBay will be the same as in Magento Inventory.

  • Custom Value – allows you to provide the value which should be displayed on eBay.

  • Magento Attribute – takes the number from the Attribute you set.

Quantity Percentage – sets the percentage for calculation of Items quantity to be listed on eBay based on Product Quantity or a value from Magento Attribute.

For example, if the Quantity Percentage is set to 80% and Product Quantity is 10, the Quantity to be Listed on eBay will be 8.

Conditional Quantity (only available when the Product Quantity or Magento Attribute is chosen) – allows you to set a maximum and minimum number of items to sell on eBay.

  • Minimum Quantity to Be Listed - e.g. if you have 2 pieces in stock but set a Min Quantity to be Listed of 5, Item will not be listed on eBay.
    Otherwise, the Item will be Listed with Quantity according to the settings in Selling Policy.

  • Maximum Quantity to Be Listed - e.g. if you have 10 items in stock but want to keep 2 Items back, set a Maximum Quantity to Be Listed of 8.

  • eBay Lot Size   – an ability to sell items in lots. The lot is a set of two or more identical or similar items that must be purchased together. Selling in lots can be helpful, for example, when your goods are more likely to be sold in bulk than individually or when you need to quickly move your stock. To set it up you need to choose Custom Value in Specify Lot Size field and then enter a number of items in Lot.

Lot Size value does not affect the number of ordered Items and Magento Product quantity. It just informs the customers how many items are included in the Lot they have bought.

Out Of Stock Control (only available for GTC Listing Duration) - this is helpful if you are waiting for additional stock of an item with the same eBay Item ID. Instead of ending the Listing and then recreating it when the inventory arrives, you can use this flag to hide the Listing. When you have the Item available, automatic or manual Revise will update the inventory and the Listing will appear again.

Once you List a Product with this option it cannot be changed. To cancel it you should Stop and List the Item again.

Ignore Variations – choose how to List Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, and Simple with Custom Options Products on eBay: as Simple products (set Yes) or as multiple variations of one item (set No).


Set your tax preferences depending on the eBay site that you are selling on.

Use VAT – choose if you’d like to add VAT rate to the Price of eBay Items:

  • Including in price – Price of an Item will not be increased, VAT rate will be included in it.

  • On top of price – Price of an Item will be increased by a specified VAT percentage.

Use eBay Tax Table – choose if you want to use the tax table for your eBay Account to charge sales tax. Tax tables are set up directly on eBay, not in M2E Pro. To set up or edit tax tables, log in to your seller account on eBay. They are available only for Canada, Canada (Fr), the USA, and eBay Motors.


Price – select an Item Price source:

  • Product Price – eBay Item price will be equal to the corresponding Magento Product price.

  • Special Price – Special Price of the corresponding Magento Product will be sent to eBay.

  • Magento Attribute – the price value for eBay Item will be taken from the selected Attribute. Magento Attribute must contain a numeric value.

Price Change – adjust Magento Price value that will be submitted to Channel.

You can add multiple price modifications for your products. For that, click Add Price Change, choose how you want to change the price, and enter the relevant value.

There are four available price modification options:

  • Absolute Value increase – increases eBay Item price compared to the corresponding Magento Product price by the specified number of units.

  • Absolute Value decrease – reduces eBay Item price compared to the corresponding Magento Product price by the specified number of units.

  • Percentage increase (%) – increases eBay Item price compared to the corresponding Magento Product price by the specified percent value.

  • Percentage decrease (%) – reduces eBay Item price compared to the corresponding Magento Product price by the specified percent value.

Also, you can opt for Magento Attribute as a source of product price modification.

Here is an example of how the item price is calculated if you set to add the VAT Rate on top of the item price:

The Product Price is $120. The Price Change is set to Absolute Value Increase of +€3. The VAT Rate is 19%.

Step 1. Сalculate the Item Price taking into account the Product Price value and Price Change settings:

Product Price + Absolute Value Increase = €120.00 + 3 = €123.00

Step 2. Calculate the VAT Rate value for the item:

Product Price with Price Change settings applied x VAT Rate (%) = €123.00 x 19% = €23.37

The final Item Price will be calculated according to the following formula:

(Product Price + Price Change) + VAT Rate = (€120.00 + 3) + €23.37 = €146.37

The Item is listed on eBay with a price of $146.37.

If you set to include the VAT Rate, the same item will be listed on eBay with the price of $123 while the VAT Rate of 19% will be already included in the price.

The set of the price settings depends on the Listing Selling Type.

Fixed Price Listings

Auction Listings

Fixed Price Listings

Auction Listings

Price-fixed price for immediate purchase.

  • Variation Price (applicable only for Magento Bundle Products) –
    determines the source of the Price value for Bundle Product options:
    Main Product – the Price value for variation options will be taken from the Main
    Associated Products – the Price value for variation options will be taken from
    the Associated Products.

  • Strike Through Price - allows Seller to show the preceding Price of the Item
    (historical or recommended) in a line-through format. More information can be found here.

  • Minimum Advertised Price - allows a buyer to get a discount calculated as a difference
    between Minimum Advertised Price and the retail Product Price. Please read more information here.

  • Start Price – the lowest Price Auction can be stated.

  • "Buy It Now" Price – the Fixed Price for immediate purchase.
    Find out more about adding a Buy It Now price.

  • Reserve Price – the lowest Price at which you are selling an Item.
    eBay charges some additional fees for using this option.


Magento default functionality allows you to automatically convert Product Price and Special Price values if eBay site currency does not match Magento Base currency.

To avoid issues with exchange rates, make sure to configure these settings:

  • Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Currency Setup > Currency Options, choose necessary currencies in  Allowed Currencies and Save Config.

  • Go to Stores > Currency > Rates, set appropriate exchange rates, and Save Currency Rates.


Set Require Immediate Payment to Yes if you want to charge buyers immediately after the order is placed. Your item will remain available for others to buy until the payment is complete.

Since the buyer must pay immediately, they won't be able to contact you with Request total price from the seller. This means your listing must include the shipping costs to all locations where you do ship, and discount rules if you offer discounts.


Donations allow supporting your favorite charities by setting up a donation percentage that will be transferred to the particular organization.

Best Offer

Allow Best Offer – allows you to accept offers from buyers and negotiate a Price. You can accept Best Offers on Fixed Price and Classified Ads in certain categories, such as eBay Motors. Click here to find out more.

You can respond to buyers manually (directly from the eBay site) or use auto Accept and Decline options.

  • Accept Offers of at Least – the Price at which (or greater than) an offer will be automatically accepted.

  • Decline Offers Less Than – the Price at which (or less than) an offer will be automatically declined.

If you use % of Price to set auto-respond settings, Accept and Decline values will be calculated as:

- Accept Offers >= Buy It Now Price * percentage value;

- Decline Offers <= Buy It Now Price *percentage value. 

Magento Attribute selected for this option must contain an appropriate Price value in the numeric format.