Revise Action

Under this tab, you can define conditions when M2E Pro should automatically revise your channel items.

Once the Revise Condition is enabled, the Module starts monitoring the changes made to this property in the relevant Policy Template and Magento Attribute set for this property in Policy Template. This means you spend less time and effort on configuring. Instead, you get more flexibility and accuracy in the processing of updates. 

For example, if you enable the Revise by Title, any changes made to the related Description Policy settings or Magento Attribute set for Title in Description Policy will initiate the automatic Title update on the Channel. If the Title condition is disabled, it will never be updated by automatic synchronization.

Inventory Synchronization must be enabled under eBay > Configuration > Synchronization. Otherwise, Synchronization Rules will not take effect.

Revise Conditions

Here is the detailed description of each option:

  • Quantity - automatically revises Item Quantity on eBay when Product Quantity, Magento Attribute used for Item Quantity or Custom Quantity value are modified in Magento or Policy Template. The 'QTY' option is permanently enabled in Revise Rules and cannot be switched off. It means that the QTY value will be updated each time after it is modified in your Magento.

- Conditional Revise - it is strongly recommended to enable this option to prevent the excessive impact on system performance. In the separate field, you can provide the minimum quantity value that will trigger the Item Revise:

The Item Revise will be triggered once the quantity either in Magento or on eBay becomes less than the specified minimum quantity value.

When Conditional Revise is disabled, M2E Pro will update even the tiniest QTY changes for the Items with the high stock levels (e.g. from 515 to 514), which are unreasonable and time-consuming. While more important changes (e.g. from 1 to 0) for another Item will be placed in a queue instead of immediate update.

If you synchronize your Magento inventory with the suppliers' stock that is changed quite often, enabling Conditional Revise is critically important.

  • Price - automatically revises Item Price on eBay when Product Price, Special Price or Magento Attribute used for Item Price are modified in Magento or Policy Template.
  • Title - automatically revises Item Title on eBay when Product Name, Magento Attribute used for Item Title or Custom Title value are modified in Magento or Policy Template.
  • Subtitle - automatically revises Item Subtitle on eBay when Magento Attribute used for Item Subtitle or Custom Subtitle value are modified in Magento or Policy Template.
  • Description - automatically revises Item Description on eBay when Product Description, Product Short Description or Custom Description value are modified in Magento or Policy Template.
  • Images - automatically revises Item Images on eBay when Product Image(s) or Magento Attribute used for Product Image(s) are modified in Magento or Policy Template.
  • eBay Parts Compatibility - automatically revises Parts Compatibility data on eBay once the related data is modified.
  • Categories/Specifics - automatically revises Item Categories/Specifics on eBay when Categories/Specifics data or Magento Attributes used for Categories/Specifics are modified.
  • Shipping - automatically revises Item Shipping information on eBay when the Shipping Policy Template or Magento Attributes used in the Shipping Policy Template are modified.
  • Payment - automatically revises Payment information on eBay when the Payment Policy Template is modified.
  • Return - automatically revises Return information on eBay when the Return Policy Template is modified.
  • Other - automatically revises Item Condition, Condition Note, Taxation, Best Offer, and Charity information on eBay when the related data is modified in Policy Templates.

Once the changes are detected, a Product will be automatically revised. The relevant record will be added to Logs.

As a rule, Automatic Revise is successfully performed only in case all the required data is provided for the product. However, if an item's Price or/and Quantity are changed, M2E Pro will automatically revise them regardless of other product data.

Please note that the Price and QTY will not be revised despite other product details if the Strike-Through Price, Minimum Advertised Price, or the Best Offer are configured for the item in the Selling Policy.

Manual Revise updates full Item data regardless of Revise Rule settings in Synchronization Policy. For more details about Manual Revise action, please check this article.