Listing View Mode

M2E Pro Listings feature three eBay Listing View Modes. They are eBay View Mode, Settings View Mode, and Magento View Mode. These modes allow you to track your Listing Product status, adjust the related settings, move the products to a different Listing, etc.

To find eBay Listing View Modes, go to eBay > Listings. At the top of the product list, you will see all the View Modes. To switch between them, use the drop-down menu.

  • eBay View Mode - displays Product information that is currently shown on eBay. It lets you manage listed and not listed items on eBay, as well as manage variations of certain product types.

  • Settings View Mode - displays the settings provided for each product in the M2E Pro Listing and allows you to review/adjust them. Use this mode to edit Categories and Item Specifics, move selected Listing Products to a different M2E Pro Listing, link a previously Unmanaged item to another Magento Product. Also, you can use the eBay Parts Compatibility feature if necessary.

  • Magento View Mode - displays Product information related to Magento Catalog. In this Mode, you can find Products using Magento Products information.

eBay View Mode Actions 

Within the eBay View Mode, you can submit the following actions:

  • List Item(s) – lists selected Items on eBay. This action only works with Items that have the Not Listed status.

  • Revise Item(s) – revises selected items. The action applies to the items with the Listed status, based on the settings in the Synchronization Policy.

  • Relist Item(s) – relists selected items. The action applies to the items with the Sold, Inactive (Stopped), and Finished statuses.

  • Stop Item(s) on eBay – stops selected items. These items stay in the M2E Pro listing but are no longer listed on eBay. If this action has been submitted successfully, the item acquires the status "Inactive (Stopped)".

  • Stop on eBay / Remove from Listing – stops the eBay Listing for the selected items and removes them from the M2E Pro Listing.

  • Preview Items – allows previewing the main Product data as it would appear on an actual eBay page.

You can run a selected action for the Products in bulk. Tick the checkbox next to the required products:

In the Settings View Mode, using the Actions menu you can manage product settings:

  • in bulk

  • for an individual product

In Settings View Mode, you can override M2E Pro Listing settings for individual items. For that, submit the Edit General Settings action from the individual actions menu. It is possible to adjust Selling, Synchronization, Shipping, and eBay Category settings.

eBay Product Statuses 

Your Products can have the following statuses in the M2E Pro Listing:

  • Not Listed – Item was not listed on eBay.

  • Listed – Item was listed on eBay.

  • Listed (Hidden) - Item was listed on eBay, but it is currently hidden.

  • Sold – Item was listed on eBay and was sold.

  • Finished – Item was listed on eBay and the listing period ended.

  • Inactive (Stopped) – Item was listed and stopped, either manually or according to Synchronization Policy.

  • Inactive (Blocked) / Pending – Item is blocked since M2E Pro has not received a response from eBay.

Preview Items

If you submit the Preview Items action in eBay View Mode, you will see a preliminary eBay Product page. 

The M2E Pro Preview page is only a stylized template but not an actual eBay page.

You can choose up to 50 Items to preview at the same time, then switch between them:

The Preview page displays the main Product data, such as Product Title, Image(s), eBay Item ID, eBay Category path, Item Condition, Quantity, Price, and all of the available Product Variations, which will be sent on eBay during the next List/Revise/Relist action.

Also, the Preview page gives you a brief overview of the main Item Specifics, Description, Shipping, Payment, and Return data. You can find this information under the corresponding tabs at the bottom of the page. The available information does not contain all of the details, only the most essential points.

Listing Policies Overrides filters

In Settings View Mode, you can filter your Products by Policy title in order to find a particular item in your M2E Pro Listings faster. For that, enter the name of the Policy, which is assigned to the Products you are searching for, in the separate field of the Listing Policies Overrides column:

In order to make the search more precise, use the Overrides filter to find the products depending on the type of Policy settings assigned to them:

  • Any  show all Products in M2E Pro Listing.

  • Policies – show Products that have Custom Policies assigned to them.

  • Custom Settings  show Products with individually customized settings.

  • No  show Products that use global Listing settings.