M2E Pro Version - 1.13.2


What's new

In version 1.13.2, we released some quality fixes to keep your M2E Pro efficient. Read the technical changelog below.

To upgrade to this version, you can use one of the following methods:

Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] 'Exception: Notice: Array offset on value of type null in /Setup/Update/y21_m05/EbayStoreCategoryIDs.php' occurs during upgrade to version 1.13.1 [M2-1279]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] 'You should select Category and Product Type first' message is displayed in Description policy although the Category and Type fields are completed [M2-1272]
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Some Walmart orders cannot be updated to Shipped status [M2-1228]
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Custom attributes values are not saved for duplicated Walmart Description policy [M2-1270]