M2E Pro Version - 1.14.1


What's new

In version 1.14.1, you will see the IOSS number displayed in your Amazon and Magento Orders, as well as some quality fixes to keep your M2E Pro efficient. 

See the technical changelog below.

Amazon Integration

IOSS number displayed in Amazon and Magento Orders

According to the recently updated EU VAT collection rulessellers shipping to the EU from non-EU countries must provide an IOSS number where Amazon has collected VAT on the sale. Following these changes, M2E Pro will now import the IOSS number and display it in a separate field under the Shipping & Handling Information section on the Order Details page:

The IOSS number will be displayed in a corresponding Magento order as well. Find it under the Shipping & Handling Information section on the Order View page:

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Technical Changelog

  • Common [Fixed] Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'cpev.entity_id' error appears when upgrading M2E Pro from v1.13.0 to v1.13.1 on Magento Enterprise Edition v2.4.2 [M2-1350]
  • Common [Fixed] Migration Wizard does not appear when running test migration to Magento 2 [M2-1352]
  • Common [Improved] Shipping Service displayed at the beginning of the Shipping & Handling Information section on the Magento Order View page [M2-1338]
  • eBay [Fixed] Magento Order was not created. Reason: Notice: Undefined index: delivery_date | in .../Model/Ebay/Order/ProxyObject.php on line 356 [M2-1348]
  • eBay [Fixed] Ship by Date displayed incorrectly in the Orders grid [M2-1356]
  • Amazon [Added] Import of IOSS number to Amazon and Magento Orders [M2-1341]