M2E Pro Version - 1.14.0


What's new

In version 1.14.0, as for common changes, M2E Pro now imports the Ship by Date value to Channel Orders. In this regard, you will also be able to prioritize your unshipped orders using the Ship by Date filter in the Channel Orders grid.

The term "Map" has been renamed to "Link" across the Unmanaged Listings functionality for greater clarity. Besides, we have made several improvements to the Channel Orders grid interface and how the orders are viewed.

As for eBay Integration, we will now display an IOSS/OSS number in your eBay and Magento Orders.

Read on for detailed information, or watch this video with an overview of our new version release.

What's planned

For eBay Integration, we are planning to display the tax amount in Combined eBay Orders and the precise Final Fee amount of eBay Orders for accounts using Managed Payments. Also, we will present an opportunity to set M2E Pro to display Collect and Remit Tax amount in Magento Orders.

For Amazon Integration, M2E Pro will allow creating Magento Orders for Amazon FBA Orders in a separate Store View.

Common changes

Importing Ship by Date to Channel Orders

From now on, the Ship by Date value will be displayed in your eBay/Amazon/Walmart orders imported to M2E Pro after the upgrade. To find this value, go to the Shipping & Handling Information section on the individual Order Details page:

A corresponding Magento order will also have the Ship by Date value displayed in the Shipping & Handling Information section on the Order View page:

In order to prioritize your unshipped orders, you can now sort the orders via the Ship By Date filter in the Channel Orders grid, specifying From and To dates:

For more details, check out this video on using Ship by Date in M2E Pro.

Filter Products in M2E Pro Listings by Policy title

To simplify the search for products in your M2E Pro Listings, you can now filter them by Policy title. To do that, open your M2E Pro Listing and switch to the Settings View Mode. For eBay Integration, enter the name of the Policy, which is assigned to the Products you are searching for, in the separate field of the Listing Policies Overrides column:

In order to make the search more precise, use the Overrides filter to find the products depending on the type of Policy settings assigned to them:

As for Amazon Integration, you will be able to filter the products by a certain Description or Shipping Policy title, as well as by the type of assigned Description/Shipping Policy settings:

Channel Orders grid improved

In this version, we have made several improvements to the Channel Orders grid interface and how the orders are viewed.

First of all, to navigate to a particular Channel order, you should now click on its eBay/Amazon/Walmart Order ID within the grid:

To view the Amazon Order page in your Seller Central, click on the arrow icon in the Amazon Order # column:

Also, M2E Pro can now redirect you to the corresponding Magento Product if you click on the item's SKU in the Orders grid. This is possible only if the ordered item is linked to a Magento Product.

For more effective search, you will be able to sort eBay and Amazon Orders by Pending/QTY Reserved status in the Orders grid:

Last but not least, the buyer's email is no longer displayed in the Channel Orders grid. If necessary, you can still see the email in the Buyer Information section on the individual Order Details page or Magento Order View page (Account Information section).

"Map" renamed to "Link" across the Unmanaged Listings functionality

As a follow-up to our revisions of the Unmanaged Listings functionality, we have renamed the term "Map" to "Link" for a better understanding of this action.

eBay Integration

IOSS/OSS number displayed in eBay and Magento Orders

Recently, eBay has announced the upcoming changes in the EU VAT collection, and M2E Pro strives to keep up with these changesWhen eBay collects VAT on the EU shipment, it submits IOSS/OSS number to prove that the product price is VAT-inclusive. After the upgrade, this number will be imported to M2E Pro and displayed in a separate field under the Shipping & Handling Information section on the Order Details page:

The IOSS/OSS number will be displayed in a corresponding Magento order as well. Find it under the Shipping & Handling Information section on the Order View page:

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Technical Changelog

  • [Common] [Added] Add Ship By Date filter to Orders grid [M2-1281]
  • [Common] [Added] Display Ship By Date in Channel Orders [M2-1134]
  • [Common] [Added] Pass Ship By Date value to Magento Orders [M2-1282]
  • [Common] [Fixed] Exception after clicking the Ship button on the Magento Order View page if the order is created not via M2E Pro [M2-1302]
  • [Common] [Fixed] 'Skip this message' redirects to the dashboard and the message is not skipped [M2-1205]
  • [Common] [Fixed] Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getId() on null in app/code/Ess/M2ePro/Model/Order.php:677 when trying to create a Magento Order for a Disabled variation of a Configurable Product [M2-1229]
  • [Common] [Improved] Channel Orders grid and viewing Orders [M2-1113]
  • [Common] [Improved] Detect End Date expiration for Special Price and submit Product Price value during the Revise action [M2-1249]
  • [Common] [Improved] "Map" renamed to "Link" across the Unmanaged Listings functionality [M2-1108]
  • [eBay] [Fixed] Default set of Item Specifics is displayed as Custom after moving Products from Unmanaged Listings to M2E Pro Listings [M2-1284]
  • [eBay] [Fixed] "MPN is not allowed as variation specific" error when trying to list Variational Products [M2-1135]
  • [eBay] [Improved] Display IOSS/OSS number in Channel and Magento Orders [M2-1291]
  • [eBay] [Improved] Filter Products in Listings by Policy title [M2-1160]
  • [eBay] [Improved] Resend newly required specifics during the Relist or Revise actions after the error is received [M2-1264]
  • [eBay] [Improved] Sort products via the "Available QTY" filter in the Listing grid [M2-1083]
  • [eBay] [Improved] Variational Product data is updated automatically if the data is changed on eBay [M2-1095]
  • [Amazon] [Improved] Filter Products in Listings by Policy title [M2-1160]
  • [Walmart] [Fixed] "The Item was not listed due to the unexpected error on Walmart side" received instead of the actual error [M2-1192]